Eco-Friendly Beach Trip Must Haves

Next month my family and I will be traveling to Destin, FL for a family beach trip. We are so excited to have the sand in our toes and get into the ocean for the first time in years. We realized that our kids have been to the ocean a few times but we have never had an extended stay at the beach. This will definitely be a trip to remember!

Growing up my family would go to Ocean City, Maryland during the summer. It was never something I over thought, we had beach toys and towels, we rented an umbrella and we had sun screen. We were good! These days it seems we need so much STUFF just to be comfortable if we aren’t home. I hope this list helps you to find the simplicity in beach going once again.

Eco-Friendly Beach Trip Must Haves @
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1.Eco Beach Toys

Plastic. It’s a problem. And how many times have you forgotten a bucket or shovel at the beach, or what if one breaks? What happens to it? So to elivieate the needless plastic, this genius father from Australia created ECO beach toys. They are made of Bamboo Fiber and USA-grown Constarch, if they are left outside they will break down into organic matter in about 12 months!

You can purchase Eco Beach Toys here.

2.Turkish Towels

I should write a poem and name it “Ode to Turkish Towel”. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about these beautiful cotton pieces of fabric. We have used them for about 6 years now and we still have the same ones we started with. We used them for all of the things, and they just keep going. Light weight, durable, fast drying and pretty…all things to love in an a towel.

I love the options that Bali Market provides, check out her collection of Turkish towels here.

3.Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen

Sunscreen can be frustrating, trust me when I say I have tried a LOT. I want something safe for the ocean, and safe for me and my family. I also don’t want to look like a ghost after I apply. With all of this in mind and after trying many kinds, I finally found the winner. Alba Botanica CLEAR Sunscreen provides amazing protection (aka, it actually works!) while being safe for my body and the corral reefs!

I purchased mine from Amazon.

4.French Cotton Produce Bag

No one likes sand in the bottom of your bag...or bathing suit. Amiright? So using a bag that is sturdy and also will allow the sand to escape is key. Enter the mesh produce bag. I love these things! They are so versatile and really come in handy for everything from grocery shopping to carrying Turkish towels.

I purchased some from IKEA but you can also get them here.

5.Straw Hat

You can find straw hats just about everywhere. I love them because they are natural fibers and are not heavy. If you are wanting to go the extra step and make sure your hat is fair trade I highly recommend checking out Tula brand, I love the Rio Hat.

That’s it! My list of summer eco friendly items that are minimalist and not cumbersome. I hope you have a wonderful summer full of fun memories!!