Five Zero Waste Items for Beginners

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I have to start by saying I am in no way zero waste. I would love to that but it can be very overwhelming to even start the process, let alone achieve zero waste nirvana on a daily basis. So the following list should be a little helping hand in starting your journey to less waste. These are five items we have incorporated into our life that have helped us lower our environmental footprint.

First let’s go to the kitchen… this is where we accumulate the most waste because of that dang plastic. Oh my the packaging!!!

1.Wooden cleaning brushes

These little guys are some of my favorite things in my kitchen. I like looking at pretty things and these make the sink area look much nicer the the traditional plastic scrubbers you can pick up at the store. They can be composted when you are done with them and when mine get a little dirty I run them through the dish washer. I have the scrubber brush with a removable head and the wand brush for glasses.

2.Silicone baking sheet

Being plant based vegan we eat a LOT of veggies and using wax paper over and over again got old REALLY fast. I finally got around to purchasing a silicone mat after moving to Texas and I am so glad I did. I use mine almost every day and it has paid itself back 100x. I chose to splurge on the Silpat mat but the Amazon mats work just as well.

3.Stasher bag

These little guys are tough! I love that I can throw them in the freezer and even in boiling water. They are also super easy to clean on the top rack of the dish washer. I have three of the Stasher reusable bags and I want more!

For the last two we go to the bathroom. In my opinion it’s the other room in the home that gets the most plastic usage.

4.Sea sponge

Ok, this one might be a little odd but they work really well! I strung a rope on mine so it hangs and dries super fast. They are sustainable and are completely natural. I think you will love using the sea sponge in place of your plastic loofa.

5.Plaine Products

Last but not least is Plaine Products. We love this woman owned company, they are working hard to make zero waste easy for everyone. How it works is you order your products, such as shampoo and conditioner. They send them to you in a reusable box and when you order your next round they send you a return label for free. You swap out your pumps and ship back the empty metal containers. It’s that simple! You can order whenever you need a refill or sign up for auto ship. If you would like to try out this awesome company you can get 10% off your first purchase by using code: PLAINELOVE at checkout.

Or for more info on the company you can take a listen to my zero waste chat with Lindsey McCoy on one of the last episodes for Cohesive Home Podcast.


Five items that will help you lower your waste and help beginners start out on the right foot.
Five items that will help you lower your waste and help beginners start out on the right foot.