016: Finding Your Enneagram Type with Ashton Whitmoyer Ober, M.A.

Finding Your Enneagram Type with Ashton Whitmoyer Ober, M.A.   minimelist.co/episode/016

If you have ever wondered what exactly the enneagram is, where it comes from or how to even find your number, look no further! In todays episode I chat with Ashton from @enneagramashton on instagram. She explains the core fears and motivations of each type and how to best find your number, she also shares her tips on how to hone in on one type if you’re struggling to choose between two. Get a pen and paper ready because you will definitely learn something in this episode.

  • What is the enneagram and where did it come from?

  • Basics of finding your number

  • How to decide between two types

  • Ashton shares what the core fear and the motivation/core desire for each type.

  • Are wings even important?

  • Why wings help in growth

  • It all goes back to the fears motivations and desires

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