015: Nomadic Life, Living Tiny and Money Talk with Nuventure Travels

nomadic life, living tiny and money talk with  nuventure travels   minimelist.co/epidsode/15

In this episode I catch up with Lindsay and Adam from Nuventure Travels while they are taking a break from nomadic life in their Casita to welcome their new baby boy into the family. We talk about how they live and work on the road full time, what camper life was like in New Zealand, how they approach work and money and how minimalism looks different in each chapter of life. 

Lindsey and Adam were a joy to talk with and even if you’re not a full time traveling family I know you will love this episode and gain wisdom from what they say.

Things we talk about:

  • How they live and work nomadically

  • What they miss the most on the road and how they are fixing the problem. 

  • Our biggest regrets.

  • How they traveled and lived in a camper van in New Zealand. 

  • How showing our kids as much as we can is so important

  • How they approach work and money

  • Long term dreams of being in Europe (Melissa gets excited about this)

  • Why decision fatigue had a big part of transitioning to minimalism 

  • Being minimalist and having a baby, the struggle is real!

  • How minimalism is different in each chapter of life.


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Facebook: @NuventureTravels

Instagram: @nuventuretravels



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