013: Staying Unbusy, Living Debt Free and Finding Your Style with Lizzy Ensor


Artist, Mother, World Traveler and fashion lover Lizzy Ensor from Lizzy Loves Health comes on the show to share her knowledge and experience in some really fun topics. We talk about homeschooling and how they stay unbusy, her debt free journey, international travel and how she plans to fund it, and we wrap up the conversation with her top tips on finding your fashion style. Make sure to check out the show notes for links to everything mentioned. 

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Topics we talk about: 

  • Homeschooling with purpose

  • What her homeschool year will look like.

  • Finding used curriculum 

  • Creating community

  • Simplicity isn’t passive

  • Saying no to extra curricular things

  • How travel is imperative for learning

  • Her debt free journey- Dave Ramsey

  • How experiences and passions make us deeper and more well rounded people. 

  • She shares her crazy ideas for getting her family to travel internationally.

  • How she refashions thrift finds to fit her

  • How she uses clothes as an expression of her personality 

  • Her process of finding her newest clothing pieces 

  • How style evolves and how she balances that with having children

  • Being life long learners and reading in a thrifty way

  • Intentionality in parenting

Links from the show: 

The life giving home - Sally Clarkson


Scotts Cheap Flights https://scottscheapflights.com

Elise Joy E-course- Sewing Isn’t Scary. https://www.elisejoy.com/


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