006: Natural Living + Low-Waste Travel with Larisa Barth

LOW WASTE TRAVEL- Amazing resource for items to help you go low-waste and also ways to stay eco friendly while traveling.

In episode 6 I chat with my friend Larisa Barth. She is such an encouragement to me when it comes to a low-waste lifestyle. Her and her family have drastically reduced the amount of waste they produce and she is here today to share her tips and also items she uses for low-waste travel. Get a pen and paper handy because you’re sure to need it. 


  • Her road to minimalism

  • How her family started to be more aware of the waste they were producing.

  • Her health story and how it helped her find a lower waste lifestyle. 

  • How opening up her mind to a low waste life helped her reduce the chemicals in her home too.

  • How she stays low waste in her small town.

  • Her tips on making oat milk at home.

  • Not worrying about having all the wood items, that no matter what you can make a difference.

  • Owning it! Having confidence in your choices of living a low-waste lifestyle. 

  • We talk about my dislike of bamboo toothbrushes and her alternative to that. 

  • Traveling with kids and fun things to keep them occupied in the car during long drives.

Find Larisa on Instagram @Joyinthemorn




Ear Wax Removal Kit

Stasher bags 

Leaf Razor

Stainless Steel Straws 

Reusable utensils (we like To-Go Ware Bamboo Travel Utensils

Glass bottles (for toxin free DIY hair detangler and body spray). 

Quip toothbrushes 

Turkish towels 

Konjac sponge (100% natural sponge from the konjac root for gentle exfoliation.)

Bars of soap (We found a local organic soap maker and buy in bulk. They give us a great deal because we ask for no packaging. Our backup if we run out is Dr. Bronners, available at most natural and big box stores now.)

Silicone travel bottles

Refill hair care products from Pure Joy Salon or your local salon. www.thepurejoysalon.com 

Dropps Plant-based eco friendly laundry and dish pods https://www.dropps.com

Kooshoo Organic Plastic Free Hairties  

Wellness Mama 5-step lifestyle detox book

Tegu Blocks



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